Friday, January 15, 2010

I Shot an Elk!

I bet that got your attention. As I have never gone hunting, and don't know that I will, having shot an elk is a big deal! Now in all fairness the shooting I did was with a camera and I did no harm to the elk (however someone else did). My client, Steve Bartholomew does wood carving and had a base for this elk that he needed documented for a brochure. I must say, these critters are BIG! I have seen them in the wild on a number of times but with no reference to say a 3'0" door or an 8' ceiling it is hard to judge their scale. This guy was so massive that we could not even get him into my studio. I ended up shooting him next door at the Academy Real Estate office. Thanks Chuck!

Hope you enjoy these images. See more of what Steve does at his site.



steve said...

This is Melissa From Steve Bartholomew studio. It was quite exciting to see this blog come up on Google alerts. Thank you for having fun with this one. I did click on the link that you provided and it doesn't work. I presume that the name was spelled wrong or something. (easy to do, difficult name). Here is the link to Our Blog (which serves as our website as well.)

David said...

Melissa, I fixed the link, sorry. Glad you enjoyed the posting. -David