Thursday, November 5, 2009

November Calendar & Exhibit Opening

Here is the new desktop calendar for November. Please download it and install it for your desktop image on your computer. (Don't forget, you can pass this on and share it with a friend.)

As you can see we have our Great Things Small Packages Exhibit here at the gallery. I've said it in the past and I'll say it again, we have a wonderful exhibit this year! You'll have to see for yourself. Returning artists who have great art along with many new artists to the gallery that have brought their impressive work. Take a look at the exhibiting artist list:

Darren Breen, Spencer Budd, Stephen L. Chamberlain, Sarah Cluff, Mio Cohen, Noah Coleman, Rebecca Coleman, Robert Gardner, David & Jeanne Gomm, Anne Gregerson, Mary Jane Grow, James, Gunter, Kerri Hammond, Cristall Harper, Natasha Harral, Ruth Hewlet Buckmiller, Carol Johansen, Jenny Johansen, Andrew Kosorok, Bruce Martin, Mary Louise McGettigan, Robert McKay, Dennis, Millard, Sue, Parkinson, Linda G. Paulsen, Amy Richards, J. Kirk Richards, Nola deJong Sullivan, Verdie Taggart, Sandra Whitby, Angela Woods

With these artists bringing their talent to the gallery I'm sure you'll find something here to interest and excite you. We have original art from this exhibit priced at $13.95 and up. Something for everyone!

Stop in and see the great original art.