Monday, November 24, 2008

Timp Timp Timp

As Conrad Nebeker calls it, here is an image of his painting; Timp Timp Timp. It is a triptych with each panel measuring 4'x8'. Good sized painting! Conrad made one cool painting. If you have not seen it it person ask Conrad to see it.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Always Interesting

Scipio Savior


I've been shooting for Frank McEntire for a few years now and I'm always fascinated by the work he brings in. On any given shoot for Frank I usually need to call on all my resources to light and image his work as he sees it. He combines objects in ways that push my skills to capture the image. These are a few from a recent shoot that I enjoy. I hope you do also.


Friday, November 14, 2008

Heavy Metal Music

I shot these a while ago for Deveren Farley. It's fun to study his work and see all the different and varied parts and pieces that make up his sculpture. Sort of like a 3D Where's Waldo! He is always on the lookout for items to use in his sculpture. In fact, his mailman, friends, and neighbors all contribute to his supply.

If these images get you interested you can check his website for additional works. You can find more at:


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Zions Bank Artists' Reception

Thursday the 6th of November I was able to attend the 11th Annual Zions Bank Artists' Reception in SLC. Six of my clients were there out of the 57 exhibits artists exhibiting.

Michael & Morgan Coleman each had some of their paintings on exhibit. Michael also had a bronze there. Morgan (pictured here) and Char (who took the pic) were representing the Coleman clan.

Marilyn Sunderland was there for the first time with her gourds. It is just amazing the work she does. You can see her work on her website:

Bryan Mark Taylor was the artist who introduced us to the Zion Bank exhibit years ago. Bryan is now in CA and has wonderful plein-air paintings and his work gets better all the time. You can follow him on his blog or view paintings on his website at: Great to see you again Bryan!

Ken Packer rounds out my clients that were on the 18th floor. Ken had his bronze work there and as you can see interested patrons talking with him. Ken's website is: Hope you stop by his site and enjoy his work.

Last but in no way the least was Ben Hammond. Ben does wonderful work with the human figure and then casts in bronze. You can view more of Ben's work on his site at:

On each of the floors along with the artists were food by many different providers and live music. I need to stick in a plug for MINI'S handcrafted gourmet miniature cupcakes! WOW is all I could say. Les Madeleines also had some wonderful desserts. There were also other caterers there but you can see by my impressions I spent most of my time with the desserts!

Music was also a big part of the evening. Ridin' the Fault Line, Kirkmount & Murdock Jazz Ensemble were all favorites of mine.

What could you ask for more? Good art, food, friends & music all in one place! One great evening.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Voting update

As posted earlier, I voted early to avoid long lines. Well, as I said, Florence did not have to wait in line on election day in the morning. And my two children (who voted after I posted the blog) informed me that; Clarke voted in the afternoon without waiting, and Sara voted at 6:30pm and also had no lines to wait in!

So, all in all I'm glad I voted early, waited in line (to avoid waiting in lines) and could be of service to my family so they did not have to wait in lines! I still think it is a wonderful process and am amazed at all of it.

Here is an image of sculpture by Deveren Farley I shot for him. I must say he has good taste in subject material!


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Voted (EARLY)

To avoid long lines I went and voted in the morning of the 31st of October. While waiting in line I had the opportunity to chat with many new friends who were also avoiding long lines. After 40 minutes we finally made it into the poling place where we could cast our ballot for the person of our choice to represent us. It was a bit annoying to have to wait that long to "avoid the long lines" on election day. A bit annoying, but well worth the privilege of voting and taking part of the process.

This morning, Florence called me on her way to work to thank me for voting early. When I asked her how long she waited she told me the longest part was visiting with the poll worker (a neighbor) after voting! Well, I'm glad I could help someone avoid the long lines:-)

Here is an image of a painting by Nick Coleman that has nothing to do with voting or the election.

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