Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tidbit Tuesday

What can you create with a hole? This image of Maeser Elementary was created with a hole, in specific a pinhole!

Pinhole photography involves using a light-tight container of some type for the camera, a light sensitive media (film or photographic paper) to receive the image, and a "pinhole" to act as a lens to allow light to enter and form the image on the light sensitive material. Pinhole cameras have taken almost every shape and size. Before the advent of light sensitive material, people as far back as the fifth century BC have understood and used the "pinhole" principles. Aristotle and da Vinci among others understood and used pinholes.

No lens, no glass, no Photoshop!
-David W. Hawkinson
4" x 5" framed to 14" x 11"
Silver gelatine print
Contact printed pinhole image

Our Price: $125

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